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Recognizing the Contributions of Family Physicians

“We want to thank our family doctor for giving us our family … and for being there for the beginning of our family."

“I’d like to thank her … there’s absolutely no way we could do what we do without her involvement.”

"I would like to thank my family doctor for being there for us, not as 'just' a doctor - as a friend, as a human being, and for taking the time and the special care that she did."

 From Patient Voices, a video of reflections on family physicians  

On this Doctors’ Day in Ontario, together with the patients you serve, we extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to family physicians for your many important contributions to patient care and health care delivery in Ontario.

As we proudly celebrate Ontario’s family doctors, you have both our gratitude and our commitment that we will continue to advocate for your central role in family practices, in your communities and across the health system. Today and every day, the OCFP values and recognizes the many ways in which family physicians deliver high-quality care to patients and families in Ontario.

We know that your work often extends beyond direct patient care – to supporting colleagues, teaching and mentoring upcoming family medicine learners, and working through committees and partners to improve health care delivery for your communities and all Ontarians.   

We are grateful, also, to all the family physicians who give time and guidance beyond the work you do caring for patients in communities to guide the work of the OCFP.  From the Board of Directors and members of all OCFP committees, to the faculty who develop and deliver continuing professional development, to the mentors and mentees in the Collaborative Mentoring Networks, the OCFP values your expert insights and active participation to ensure the OCFP is well positioned to support the voice of family physicians and family medicine.

To continue effectively advocating for your role, and ensure that we deliver the programs and tools you need, the OCFP needs to hear from you. We are grateful that to date, more than 1,400 family physicians have added their voices to the dialogue by way of the OCFP’s recent member research survey through Ipsos. Your opinions help identify ways to support you in practice and also provide invaluable insights about the opportunities and barriers you face, and issues the OCFP can raise with health system partners through advocacy efforts. We look forward to sharing what we learned through the survey with you.

To best reflect your experiences and ensure the opinions you voice are heard, we ask that you continue the conversation with us. Tweet us at @OntarioCollege, visit our website at, or drop us a line at

On Doctors’ Day, we celebrate you:  family physicians dedicated to a shared vision of high-quality, accessible, comprehensive and coordinated care for all Ontarians no matter where they live.   Thank you for all you do.

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