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Resources, events and opportunities of interest to family doctors

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Ministry News and Updates

  • Promoting awareness of maximum quantity dispensing initiative among ODB recipients

  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care M.chimaera Update

  • Joint Letter from Ontario's Minister of Health and Chief Medical Officer of Health on Opioid Strategy

  • Taking Action to End Opioid Abuse

  • Letter from the Minister of Health on Combating Lyme Disease Through Collaborative Action: Ontario’s 10-Step Education and Awareness Plan

Physician Opportunities

  • Quorum: Where the Quality Improvement Community Meets

  • Ontario Quality Standards Committee - Call for Participation

  • Qualitative Study - eHealth: Optimizing the Use of EMRs to Support CDPM

  • Survey - Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care

  • Reproductive Life Stages Program - Women's College Hospital

  • Request for Physician Input on Imaging Decision Support Pathways

  • CAMH Partners Project - Integrated Care for Better Outcomes

  • Cancer Care Ontario’s Physician-Linked Correspondence Initiative

  • Request for Family Physician Input - Transition Study

  • KidneyWise - Opportunity for Physician Feedback

  • Ontario Family Practice Organizational Survey - Consultation

  • Family Physician Attitudes Towards MedsChecks and Pharmaceutical Opinion Study

  • Survey - The Family Physician's Perspective on the HPV Vaccine

Conferences and Professional Development Opportunities

Public Health Updates


  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders - Clinician Resources

  • Ontario Thoracic Reviews

  • Health Quality Ontario - Quality Standards for Schizophrenia, Major Depression and Behavioural Symptoms of Dementia

  • PINOT - Supporting Physicians and Patients With Complex Needs

  • 211 - Helping Healthcare Providers Connect People to the Services they Need

  • Reproductive Life Stages Program and Study Opportunity for Pregnant Women

  • Breastfeeding Resources Ontario

  • Article: Primary Healthcare - It's Time for Disruptive Innovation

  • HQO Report - Palliative Care at the End of Life

  • Residency Survival Guide Now Online

  • CME Guidelines App - Canadian Thoracic Society

  • Ontario Kinesiology Association - Referral Service

  • Updates to Cannabis Research Reports

  • Health Quality Ontario Releases Measuring Up 2016

  • New Baycrest Website - Dementia Resources from Around the World

  • Information for Parents to Help Make Vaccinations Easier

  • New HQO Report on Engaging with Patients

  • Ontario Autism Program: Bulletin for Physicians

  • Symptom Management Guides for Cancer Patients

  • Osteoporosis Canada's Fracture Link Now Available

  • Prenatal Education Tools from Health Nexus' Best Start Resource Centre

Family Medicine Practice Resources

  • The College of Family Physicians of Canada's First Five Years in Family Practice Resources section brings together clinical resources, information on practice management, work life balance and more from a variety of sources.

Ontario-specific Resources:

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