Collaborative Mentoring Networks (CMHN/MMAP)

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To provide mentoring support and education that enhances the capacity of family physicians to provide comprehensive, quality care to patients with complex conditions involving mental illness, addictions[1] or pain.

The OCFP's mentoring networks link family physicians with specialists in a collaborative relationship to enhance the delivery of mental health, addictions and pain care through mentorship and education. The Networks include the Collaborative Mental Health Network (CMHN) and the Medical Mentoring for Addictions and Pain Network (MMAP).  

Family physicians are matched with mentors according to their geographical location and/or clinical interests to form small groups. Each group consists of one or more a mentors and a number of mentees. Mentors provide timely advice via email, telephone, fax or via a secure online portal. Each group is encouraged to meet regularly for case-based discussions.

Mentors will be supported to further develop as educationally influential physicians who will provide peer education in their communities and give timely guidance and advice to their family physician mentees. Evidence supports that collaboration can improve patient morbidity and mortality, organizational efficiencies, and provider satisfaction.

[1] The term “addictions” refers to alcohol and substance use, abuse, misuse and dependence and to prevention.