Violence Against Women

The Ontario Women's Health Council awarded the OCFP a grant to develop a Mainpro® C program in the area of domestic and spousal abuse. 

This program has been developed based on our review of approaches to CME with proven abilities to increase knowledge, change practice and ultimately improve health outcomes for the victims of violence in our society. This program uses a variety of well planned CME approaches that will ensure there is a lasting impact on the ability of physicians to recognize, treat and prevent violence in women.

This program will increase healthcare professionals ' knowledge and skills in the prevention, identification and management of victims of domestice violence. It will do so by overcoming barriers to identification, treatment, providing physicians with education tools and will facilitate an understanding of the factors which lead to violence against women.

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CME Program on Violence in Women

The Steering Committee members are as follows:

  • Dr. Brian I. Schwartz, Chair


  • Dr. Richard J. Rowland
  • Dr. Sara Wiesenberg-Smith
  • Dr. Patricia Windrim
  • Dr. Victoria D.J. Winterton

Ex Officio
OCFP President