OCFP Board of Directors and Committees 2016-17

Officers of the Board

  • President: Dr. Glenn Brown, Kingston

    Dr. Brown has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2012. He was the Chair of the Governance Committee in 2015-16 and has also served as Secretary-Treasurer in 2014-15 and Chair of the Education and Research in 2013-14. Dr. Brown is head of the Department of Family Medicine and an associate professor at Queen’s University. He graduated from McMaster University Medical School in 1981, after completing his Bachelor of Science degree at Trent University. He did residency in family medicine at Queen’s, as well as additional training in general practice anesthesia and emergency medicine. He completed a Master’s degree in Public Health from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2006. His clinical practice has included comprehensive family medicine including management of inpatients, obstetrics, GP anesthesia and occupational medicine. Dr. Brown has served as the Director of Emergency Medicine at the Lennox and Addington County Hospital in Napanee, as well as being the Chief of Staff. Dr. Brown was the founding Chair of the Primary Health Care Council in the south-eastern region of Ontario. He is highly committed to collaborative practice models and broad participation in medical education by our discipline.
  • President-Elect: Dr. Jennifer Young, Collingwood

    Dr. Young joined the Board in 2011 and beyond her role of Director, she has been a member of the Education and Research Committee. Dr. Young is a family doctor in Collingwood. She provides comprehensive care in her practice including obstetrics, hospital care, and emergency medicine. She is a teacher and is presently co-chief of Family Medicine at the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. She worked in the developing world for several years and spent a year practising as a family physician in the Netherlands. Within the OCFP, she is actively promoting the CPD program Practising Wisely: Reducing Unnecessary Testing and Treatment, in an effort to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of our health-care system. Dr. Young was the 2014-15 Chair of the OCFP's Education and Research Committee.

  • Past-President: Dr. Sarah-Lynn Newbery, Marathon

    Dr. Newbery has been a member of the OCFP Board since November 2008 and served as President in 2015-16. She has been active on both the Governance and Finance committees, holding the role of Secretary-Treasurer in 2013-14 and President-Elect in 2014-15.  She has been in comprehensive family practice in Marathon for the past 19 years. She has been chief of staff for 12 years at Wilson Memorial General Hospital and works in primary care with the Marathon Family Health Team. As an associate professor in the Division of Clinical Sciences at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM), she has been actively involved in both curriculum development and teaching since NOSM’s inception. She has been involved in several local, LHIN-based and provincial committees focused on health-care delivery and completed the Physician Leadership Development Program through Schulich at York University in 2014.

  • Secretary-Treasurer: Mr. Terry McCarthy, Hamilton

    Mr. McCarthy is the Executive Director at the Hamilton Family Health Team. He brings considerable conceptual and operational skills in the area of change management and a good understanding of the need for physician leadership in health-related transformation agendas. He also has an understanding of political and bureaucratic processes, and a great deal of experience in governance and finances. Mr. McCarthy joined the Board in 2014 and began serving as Secretary-Treasurer in 2015-16.

Members of the Board

  • Dr. Sundeep Banwatt, Mississauga

    Dr. Sundeep Banwatt graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto in 1997 and currently works in LHIN 2 – Mississauga Halton. For the last 11 years, he has been practicing in an urban practice setting, in a ​fee-for-​service payment model. He has experience providing ​emergency and ​family ​medicine in rural Ontario as well as in the province of New Brunswick. Dr. Banwatt has participated in medical volunteer missions in Africa, South America and Thailand. He has a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Waterloo, experience in research and critical appraisal, knowledge translation and risk management. He has created a Rapid Rural Assessment tool to aid the non-governmental organization sector in the developing world. This tool assesses small area needs, health status and the feasibility of potential interventions in a quick and timely manner. Dr. Banwatt espouses the need for family physicians to be supported as leaders in health care in order to improve the health of our diverse communities across Ontario.
  • Dr. Jonathan Bertram, Toronto

    Dr. Jonathan Bertram is in his first five years of practice and works within LHIN 9 - Central East and has experience working in small towns, urban and inner city practice settings. He currently works at both the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) in Addictions Medicine three days per week and with the Bowmanville FHO in Chronic Pain and Addictions two days per week. He also travels throughout northern Ontario and First Nations communities two to three days every four to six weeks. Every two weeks he spends a half day as a clinical consultant for a community care agency, COPA, consulting on geriatric addictions. He understands Fee-for-Service, works in both FHO and Group/Academic settings and has a focused practice interest in Addictions and Chronic Pain. Dr. Bertram speaks English, French and Tamil. He also has experience in Board Governance.
  • Dr. Amy Catania, Orangeville

    For the past 10 years, Dr. Catania has been providing comprehensive community and acute care clinical care while engaging in teaching and leadership activities. She is currently the physician lead in a semi-rural practice and was responsible for transforming the health-care services in a previously under-serviced community. Prior to this she was Headwaters Health Care Centre’s Chief of Family Practice. She remains involved with the hospital by providing surgical assistance as well as paediatric and inpatient coverage. She is involved in teaching residents and medical students from the Rural Ontario Medical Program, Northern Ontario School of Medicine and the University of Toronto Rural Medical Program. Dr. Catania joined the OCFP Board in 2014 and has been Chair of the Member Services Committee since 2015-16.
  • Dr. Nelson Chan, London

    Dr. Nelson Chan has been practicing comprehensive family medicine since 2010 and works within LHIN 2 – South West. Dr. Chan practices in both small town and urban practice settings, in a Fee-for-Service payment model, and works inside both a FHT and Group/Academic setting. He has a focused practice in ​emergency and ​hospitalist medicine. Dr. Chan has a law degree from the University of Toronto. He has experience in leadership roles, as an Accreditation Surveyor with the CFPC and as the Western Family Medicine Program Urban Program Director. He is fluent in Cantonese.
  • Dr. Jane Charters, Oakville

    Dr. Charters has been practicing family medicine for 25 years and recently completed the Physician Leadership Development Program at York University. As a physician practicing in a Family Health Organization (FHO), she understands the challenges that front-line physicians are facing on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Charters practices family medicine in Oakville at the Lakeshore Medical Group and Halton Healthcare Services. She is a Core Member of the Mississauga-Halton LHIN’s Primary Care Network. She is also an assistant clinical professor in Family Medicine at McMaster and loves teaching and mentoring medical students. Dr. Charters joined the OCFP Board in 2014.
  • Dr. Peter Hutten-Czapski, Haileybury

    Dr. Hutten-Czapski is a Haileybury-based generalist specializing in rural family medicine. A graduate of  Mount Allison University, Dr. Hutten-Czapski earned his medical degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He has been practising in Northern Ontario since 1989. An Assistant Professor with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Dr. Hutten-Czapski is the coordinator of the school's program for training family physicians in caesarean section and other advanced maternity care skills. He has written and lectured widely on issues affecting the practice of medicine in rural areas. He was presented with a  University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine Outstanding Research Article Award, the Douglas M. Robb Research Award for outstanding research in Family Medicine, and has earned several Ontario Medical Association research grants. He was named a Family Physician of the Year in 2007 by OCFP and is a fellow of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada. Active in the medical open source software movement he is the President of the OSCAR Canada Users Society. Published in numerous peer-reviewed publications Dr. Hutten-Czapski is the Chief Editor of a rural medical procedural textbook, and is the scientific editor of the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine. Dr. Hutten-Czapski joined the OCFP Board in 2013.

  • Dr. Ahmed Jakda, Cambridge

    Dr. Jakda has been practising for more than eight years and works in LHIN 3 - Waterloo-Wellington. He has experience practising in an urban setting and has also worked in a rural setting in Ohio. He works in a fee-for-service model. Dr. Jakda practises palliative care at the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre and also provides in-hospital and community care.He is the provincial clinical co-lead of the newly formed Ontario Palliative Care Network. Dr. Jakda completed a three-year residency in family medicine at Ohio State University and followed that with a one-year fellowship in Palliative Care at the James Cancer Hospital. He was actively involved with the American Academy of Family Physicians as Chief Resident and Ohio Delegate at the National Conference. He is very interested in governance, accountability and ensuring a foundation for family medicine in Ontario. Dr. Jakda speaks English, Gujarati and Urdu. He has experience in education and is an Associate Professor at both McMaster and Western Universities. Beyond being a physician leader, he has significant board, committee and governance experience, including in strategic planning, policy development,risk management, continuous quality improvement and primary care research.
  • Dr. Mekalai Kumanan, Kitchener

    Dr. Kumanan has been practising family medicine for over eight years in LHIN 3 - Waterloo-Wellington. She completed medical school at Dalhousie University and residency at the University of Western Ontario before choosing to join a Family Health Team (FHT) in Cambridge. Dr. Kumanan was drawn to the collaborative approach to primary care within FHTs and also values the opportunity to work within a close-knit family medicine community. She completed a Master’s degree in health administration and appreciates opportunities that allow her to integrate this experience with her work in family medicine. Dr. Kumanan has enjoyed being involved within her FHO and FHT, recently completing a term as an FHT Board member, and continues to be involved with various FHT working groups.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Muggah, Ottawa

    Dr. Muggah has been practising as a family physician for 15 years and works in LHIN 11 - Champlain. She presently practises at the Bruyere Academic Family Health Team in Ottawa and is on faculty at the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa. She has experience in inner city settings, having practised at an Aboriginal Community Health Centre in Ottawa as well as in New York City. She also practised in Geneva, Switzerland, caring for refugees and asylum seekers at a clinic run jointly by the Red Cross and the University of Geneva. Dr. Muggah also has a Master’s degree in Public Health. Dr. Muggah brings strong skills, having worked in research and quality improvement; she is the founding Director of Quality Improvement for the University of Ottawa’s Department of Family Medicine. Dr. Muggah speaks English and French. Her governance experience includes strategic planning, policy development, risk management, continuous quality improvement and primary care research.
  • Dr. Abhishek Raut, Toronto

    Dr. Abhishek Raut is in his first five years of practice and works within LHIN 7 - Toronto Central. Through significant involvement in a telemedicine practice, he has experience in remote, rural, small town, urban, suburban and inner city practice settings spanning across Ontario from Sault Ste. Marie to downtown Toronto. He has a master’s degree in both Public Health and Business Administration from John Hopkins University. With the World Bank and John Hopkins University, he was involved in building a new health system and policy approach to hospital funding in Afghanistan, which included implementing a results based financing approach encouraging efficiencies and patient centered clinical practices. He currently practices in a FHG. Dr. Abhishek has experience in Board Governance.

Board Committees

  • 2016-17 Executive Committee

  • 2016-17 Finance Committee

  • 2016-17 Governance Committee

  • 2016-17 Member Services Committee