Annual Meetings and Reports

The OCFP holds its Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) each November to coincide with the Annual Scientific Assembly in Toronto. The AMM provides a forum for making decisions that affect all members, including Director and Officer elections, presentation of Audited Financial Statements and reports from the President and CEO. 

2017 AMM - Remarks by OCFP President Dr. Glenn Brown

Dr. Glenn Brown - OCFP PresidentThe 2017 Annual Meeting of Members was held on Nov. 23. In his remarks, Dr. Glenn Brown reflected on his first year as OCFP President and spoke of continuing OCFP work to advocate for the importance of family physicians and build collaborations to improve practice.

Read Dr. Brown's remarks.

The Year in Review

The Reports presented at the OCFP's Annual Meeting of Members are compiled and published as the OCFP's "Year in Review".