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Welcome New Residents and New Family Physicians

July 19, 2016

July is a month of transition across Canada as new family medicine residents enter their chosen programs and newly graduated family physicians enter practice.

Both the transition to residency with its increased expectations of clinical performance and teaching of medical students, and the transition to practice with its expectations of independence and confidence, are significant milestones in the career of a family physician.

As new residents find their feet in our post-graduate programs, we are called on as teachers of family medicine to bring our best to the teacher-learner relationship. We are teachers of clinical content as medical experts, and we are also role models of the core competencies of the family physician: collaborator, communicator, advocate, professional, scholar and leader, grounded in the patient-physician relationship in service to a defined population in our community.

As new grads enter practice, they will come into our practices as colleagues, as practice partners, or as locum supports. Some will serve our patients in other ways as new hospitalists, emergency physicians, or palliative consultant supports. As we welcome them to practice alongside us, either literally in our offices, or more figuratively in other ways in the system, we embrace our roles as professional colleagues and embrace the opportunity to support our new grads as mentors and guides.   

Our new-to-practice colleagues need our support, our encouragement and the wisdom of our experience in practice. And we can extend to them our gratitude for choosing to serve patients in Ontario through the practice of family medicine. 

I also think it is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of collegiality in family medicine more generally. It is a challenging time and there is value in encouraging and expressing our gratitude to one another for excellent care provided to our patients and our communities over a commitment of years.

Please join Dr. Aaron Sacheli (chair of the OCFP resident committee) and me in welcoming new residents to the practice of family medicine in Ontario. Please join with the OCFP and your colleagues locally in welcoming new grads to practice where you are.

In this time of transition, let me take the opportunity to express my own thanks for all that you do as family physicians working to provide excellent care to your patients and your communities.


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  1. Sarah Newbery | Jul 20, 2016
    Dr. Trambakoulos, at this point we are not making a recommendation one way or the other, but are encouraging all family physicians to ask their questions and seek clarification from the OMA.
  2. Dr. Dimitra Trambakoulos MD, CCFP | Jul 20, 2016
    I am curious how the OCFP is advising their members regarding the Tentative Physicians Services Agreement?

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