June 2016

Mainpro+ Update with Dr. Mike Sylvester

To maintain excellence in patient care, family physicians make a life-long commitment to staying current and aware of advances and trends in medicine and health care-delivery. This is done largely through continuing professional development (CPD). To best support physicians earn and track their CPD credits, the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) will launch the new Mainpro+ credit system on June 27, 2016.

Dr. Mike Sylvester is a family physician practising in Kingston, Ont., and one of the CFPC’s six Regional Educators who have been tasked with promoting, supporting and engaging members in the Mainpro program. We asked him for some details about the changes to Mainpro.
Q: What are the changes to the Mainpro credit system?Dr Mike Sylvester

MS: In a word, Mainpro+ will be easier for users. It will be easier to understand credit categories, easier to accumulate credits, and easier to report them. There will also be a change to cycle dates. Every member's cycle will now start on July 1st and end on June 30.

Q: Why is the change to Mainpro+ happening?

MS: Family physicians are committed to providing good patient care and the College wants to help its members keep that commitment by facilitating access to good professional development, and by making it easier to keep track of learning activities.

The new July 1st cycle start date will align better with new graduates starting practice. The date change will also move the end-of-cycle deadline away from winter holiday office closures.
Q: What aspects of Mainpro will stay the same?

MS: Members will still have a five-year cycle with a minimum of 250 total credits, at least half of which must be certified. They will still need a minimum of 25 credits earned and reported per year.

Q: How will the change to Mainpro+ affect my practice and my reporting cycle?

MS: Members should find it easier to accumulate Mainpro+ credits, and to report them. Also, thanks to the change in reporting cycle dates, most members will have an extra 6 months in which to accumulate credits in their current reporting cycle.

Q: What do you feel is will be the most beneficial aspect of Mainpro+?

MS: My colleagues will discover a new credit reporting system that makes sense. Mainpro+ acknowledges the effort that goes into maintaining proficiency by encouraging effective learning activities, and by making reporting those activities easier.

What is Changing?

The way you earn and report CPD credits is changing

  • Reporting categories that are easier to understand
  • Opportunities to earn credit for more practice activities
  • Opportunities to earn 1, 2, or 3 credits per hour with more activities and programs
  • New user-friendly online reporting portal

We're keeping what works well...

  • Five-year reporting cycle
  • Minimum 25 credits required per year
  • Minimum 250 credits required per cycle
  • Minimum 125 credits required per cycle from certified CPD programs
  • Easy online reporting
  • Supportive CPD staff

To learn more about Mainpro+ visit http://www.cfpc.ca/Mainpro+_Resources/ or contact CPD staff at mainprocredits@cfpc.ca or 1-800-387-6197 ext 560.

About Dr. Mike Sylvester

Dr. Mike Sylvester grew up in Ottawa where he also attended medical school, graduating in 1993. Then he headed to Thunder Bay for family medicine residency. He and his wife Rupa worked for 3 years in Marathon, Ontario before re-settling in Kingston, where Dr. Sylvester worked for 14 years at Queen's University, spending most of his time there as Undergraduate Program Director. While he now focuses his practice on surgical procedures and psychotherapy, he is always looking for opportunities to nurture his great passion for teaching.

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