April 2016

A Q&A with OCFP CPD Faculty Member Dr. Janice Harvey

Dr. Janice Harvey is a family physician with a special interest in sport and exercise medicine and works at McMaster University. She is also an OCFP CPD Faculty member who teaches the Mainpro-C accredited Musculoskeletal Joint Assessment Made Easy (MSK) course. Assisted by nurse practitioner, Dr. Michelle Acorn, Dr. Harvey provides a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience that supports family physicians in the assessment of joint and musculoskeletal injuries.

Photo of Dr Janice Harvey

Why is it important for physicians to learn more about this topic?

JH: Musculoskeletal conditions make up a significant portion of patient visits to family doctors, urgent care centres and emergency departments. Even though musculoskeletal conditions are common, there can be gaps in the frequency and types of conditions that a clinician encounters in daily clinical practice. Having the opportunity to review and refine assessment skills with this MSK course, participants can be more confident in their diagnostic approach when patients do present.

What can physicians expect to take away from the Musculoskeletal Joint Assessment Made Easy course?

JH: The objective of this course is to provide family physicians with an organized and efficient approach to the assessment of musculoskeletal conditions affecting the ankle, back, shoulder, knee and hip. Attendees can expect an interactive, hands-on experience to help solidify their history taking and clinical exam skills. Time is also devoted to discussing various diagnostic and treatment approaches.

What do you think is the most useful practice-impacting insight from this course?

JH: Workshop participants indicate that the hands-on practice of assessment skills is the most practical and valuable part of the workshop. Like any clinical skill, repetition is important for retention and the workshop makes the most of this principle by providing a hands-on learning environment.

Tell us a bit about your professional history with this topic:

JH: My keen interest in musculoskeletal conditions began before medical school. I completed a Fellowship in Sport and Exercise Medicine at the University of Western Ontario after completing my family medicine training at McMaster University. Following my fellowship I returned to McMaster and helped to expand the scope and access to the Sport Medicine clinic. Originally just for varsity athletes, all students, staff, faculty and then members of the community were then able to access physicians and physiotherapists.


Dr. Janice Harvey is a Family Physician with a special interest in Sport and Exercise medicine and works at McMaster University. She is a Physician Advisor in CPD for the College of Family Physicians of Canada, as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University and the Assistant Director of the Standardized Patient Program at McMaster University. Dr. Harvey was the Chair of the Ontario College of Family Physicians’ CME/CPD Committee from 2002 to 2011 and the President of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine in 2011.

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