What's Up in Family Medicine, September 2014

Primary Care Practice Reports: Data supporting quality improvement

Primary Care Practice Report
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There’s no doubt family physicians are dedicated to quality improvement. It’s something at the forefront of our practices every day. But we also need readily accessible data to inform quality improvement efforts.

To help address this issue, the Primary Care Practice Report has been created by Health Quality Ontario with the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in partnership with the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario and the Ontario College of Family Physicians. It uses existing administrative health databases to give you customized data about your practice - and it's free!

These individualized reports, produced annually, will provide you with information on your practice’s demographics, case mix, patterns of patient use, the health status of your practice population and information on specific chronic disease management indicators. These confidential reports also share how your practice is performing compared to peers in your group, Local Health Integration Network and across the province. 

CME credits

You can use the Primary Care Practice Report as a source of information to complete a Linking Learning to Practice exercise and earn two Mainpro-C credits and two bonus Mainpro-M1 credits. Learn more on the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s website.

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Hear from family doctors already using the reports to drive change 

Dr. Ben Stobo is part of the Athens Family Health Team in Eastern Ontario, Dr. Mary Manno is in Solo/FHO practice in Oakville, and Dr. Cathy Faulds is part of the London Family Health Team.

Drs. Stobo, Manno and Faulds share their experiences with Primary Care Practice Reports.

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