CFPC Certification Exam Workshop

  • The OCFP offers preparatory workshops for the CFPC Certification Exam which allows Practice Eligible Candidates an opportunity to train and participate in mock exams, learn about the test components of the CFPC Exam and become familiar with the marking criteria before they sit for the actual exam through CFPC.

    The content of the workshop includes:

    • An introduction to the CFPC certification exam components
    • Detailed analysis of the Simulated Office Oral (SOO) marking scheme
    • Opportunity to practice a mini-Short Answer Management Problems (SAMPS) exam and review the marking scheme
    • Opportunity to participate in four practice SOOs and to receive immediate feedback on performance

CFPC Certification Exam Workshop FAQ

What are the workshop fees?

The workshop fee is $1500 + HST.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is meant for trained physicians (including International Medical Graduates) that are working in Canada under the supervision of another medical professional and are eligible to participate in certification examinations. By successfully completing the CFPC Exam, trained physicians receive their Certification in Family Medicine, and will be able to use the designation CCFP (Certification in The College of Family Physicians).

When is this workshop offered?

We offer this workshop three to four times a year. Please sign up to receive information about upcoming dates

How do I register?

Please sign up to receive information about upcoming dates


How will this workshop benefit residents?

We recruit resident volunteers to assist with the delivery of these workshops. Through this experience, residents are provided an opportunity to practice 4 Simulated Office Orals (SOOs). Past resident volunteers have indicated that the experience was very much worth their time and effort and that it provided them with valuable insight into the SOO component of the certification exam.

A travel stipend of $50 is offered as a token of appreciation for your time and support.

Interested in becoming a volunteer resident? Please sign up here:

Last updated September 6, 2017