Practising Wisely: Session Tools and Resources

In preparation for the Practising Wisely session, participants are asked to visit and bookmark/save as a favourite these websites that we will visit during the course.

Module 1
- Centre for Effective Practice:
- Canadian Association of Radiologists: 
Module 2
- Choosing Wisely Canada (Note: this is the Canadian site):
- Therapeutics Education:
- Towards Optimized Practice:
Module 3
- My Cancer IQ:
- Canadian Task Force for Preventive Health:
Module 4
- Choosing (Note: this is the US site):
- Diabetes Canada:
- MedStopper:
- College of Family Physicians of Canada:

Please watch these videos:

College of Family Physicians of Canada Periodic Health Examination 2:18 minute video:

Canadian Preventive Health Task Force Cancer Screening 2:50 minute video:
Track your homework!
Keep a tally of the time you spend on the required preparation and following up activities. As they are part of the certified program, those activities are eligible for Self Study credits in addition to the Group Learning credits for the session you attend.