Request an OCFP Workshop

The OCFP's goal is to bring high quality CPD workshops across Ontario in order to meet family physicians' professional development needs. Through our By-Request model, physician groups or organizations can request a workshop to be hosted in their own community.

The OCFP’s By-Request workshop fee covers the cost of speaker honoraria, course materials, shipping, certification and OCFP staff support. All other event related costs are covered by the Host (i.e. speaker expenses, venue, catering, AV, etc.).

All sponsorships and funding must be applied in accordance with CFPC regulations or the program(s) may not be eligible to receive Mainpro+ credits. Please note that the OCFP may not be able to partner on an event that has received for-profit funding.

Learn more details about what the OCFP is responsible for and what the Host is responsible for, below.

By-Request Workshops: Responsibilities of the OCFP and Host

  • Responsibilities of the OCFP

  • Responsibilities of the Host

Programs Available

The OCFP currently offers three Mainpro+ certified programs through the By-Request model. Learn more about each of the programs - including learning objectives, program descriptions and By-Request pricing - below.

Programs available through the By-Request model

  • MSK Education: Joint Assessment Made Easy

  • Practising Wisely: Reducing Unnecessary Testing and Treatment

  • Treating Poverty

Questions about the By-Request model or interested in hosting a workshop? Contact the OCFP CPD team at or 416-867-9646 ext. 14.

Last updated October 27, 2017.