OCFP 2014 Honours and Awards

The OCFP is proud to celebrate the outstanding skill, knowledge and dedication of family doctors across Ontario through the 2014 Honours and Awards.
“Our award winning physicians represent excellence in clinical care, teaching and commitment to their patients and communities,” said Dr. Jonathan Kerr, OCFP 2013-2014 President and Chair of the Awards Committee. “They show the strength of family medicine and the multitude of ways family doctors contribute to providing comprehensive and coordinated care across our province.”

Ontario Family Physician of the Year

The Family Physician of the Year award recognizes an outstanding CFPC family physician member from Ontario who exemplifies the best of what being a family doctor is all about, including exceptional care of patients combined with a significant contribution to the health and well being of communities and society in general.  The award is named in honour of Dr Reg L. Perkin, College of Family Physicians of Canada Executive Director from 1985 to 1996. The Reg L. Perkin winner is chosen from the Regional Family Physician of the Year award winners.

Dr. William Ted Osmun, Mount Brydges, Ontario Family Physician of the Year

Region 2 Winner Dr. William Ted OsmunDr. Ted Osmun grew up in Windsor, Ontario, where he studied biology at the University of Windsor before attending the University of Western Ontario, graduating with his MD in 1979. This being before the days of rural programs, he began a peripatetic educational journey that took him to New Zealand, England, Northern Ontario, Baffin Island and Manitoulin Island. He collected a Diploma in Obstetrics from the University of Auckland, NZ, and completed a Fellowship in Rural Medicine at Western. On returning to Western in 1994 full time, Dr. Osmun completed a Master’s degree in clinical science. He presently practises comprehensive family medicine at Southwest Middlesex Health Centre, a family medicine teaching centre in the village of Mount Brydges, and at the Strathroy Middlesex Hospital, where he provides in-hospital and emergency care.

Dr. Osmun is also Family Physician of the Year for Region 2.


Regional Family Physicians of the Year

The Regional Family Physician of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of seven OCFP members who provide exemplary care to their patients and are passionately involved in activities that contribute to excellence in family medicine.


  • Region 1: Dr. Timothy Wehner

    Region 1 Winner Dr. Tim WehnerDr. Tim Wehner graduated from the University of Manitoba’s MD and residency program in the inaugural year of its rural stream program. He has practised in Keewatin for 19 years, via Sioux Lookout and Churchill, MB. He has also served in locums from coast to coast, seeing how other practices thrive.
    His practice includes office, emergency, obstetric, inpatient and long-term care medicine, providing services such as stress tests, Holter monitoring, vasectomies and pacemakers. In 2007 Dr. Wehner undertook caesarean section training to meet his community’s needs. He is a local stroke care champion advocating for Kenora to become the first northern rural site for the Telestroke Program in Ontario.
    Dr. Wehner is involved in teaching students and residents and is an advanced cardiac life support and Neonatal Resuscitation Program instructor. He is the inaugural Chair of the Local Education Group with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, helping to develop Kenora’s Lake of the Woods Health Sciences Campus. He is also the leader of the local perinatal group.
    Dr. Wehner models an active healthy lifestyle to patients through competitive rowing, skiing and biathlon. He also designs, builds and grooms ski trails. He is currently president of the Kenora Rowing Club.
    Dr. Wehner and his partner, Jennifer, live in Kenora and between them have five children ages 15 to 22.
  • Region 3: Dr. Dale Guenter, Hamilton

    Region 3 Winner Dr. Dale GuenterDr. Dale Guenter trained in medicine in the 1980s in Calgary and adopted family medicine as his career path after two years in the Canadian Arctic. He arrived in Hamilton and at McMaster University in 1999, where he encountered a truly inspiring group of colleagues. He was able to pursue his interest in focused HIV care within a general practice in a community health centre. Dr. Guenter’s work evolved to include clinical work in chronic pain; co-founding with colleagues in community social services an outreach model of clinics, the Shelter Health Network; collaborating with Ateneo de Zamboanga University of Medicine in the Philippines to develop its medical school; and finally, becoming co-director of McMaster Family Practice, one of two academic clinics in the McMaster Family Health Team. Dr. Guenter feels that intersecting peoples’ lives through his career and teaching family medicine have been a privilege and a path to immense personal growth. He currently enjoys working as primary care lead for Hamilton Central Health Link.

  • Region 4: Drs. Stephen and Stephanie Milone, Orangeville

    Region 4 Winner Drs. Stephen and Stephanie MiloneDrs. Stephanie and Stephen Milone completed their medical degrees at the University of Toronto in 2002 and their family medicine residency at Queen’s University in 2004. They currently share a comprehensive family practice in Orangeville. In addition, Stephen practises anesthesia and Stephanie works in the emergency department at the Headwaters Health Care Centre as Co-chief. They are the Site Coordinators for the University of Toronto Rural Family Medicine Residency program. They were recognized by the OCFP as Community Teachers of the Year in 2009. Stephen has been on the OCFP Annual Scientific Assembly planning committee for the past 10 years. 

    Familiar faces on the benches or in the stands, Stephanie and Stephen support their children, Benjamin, Daniel and Grace, in all their academic pursuits and extra-curricular activities. In their “spare time,” they enjoy spending time together, playing hockey with the local physicians’ team, swimming laps, running and skiing. They are passionate about travelling and are always planning their next trip.

  • Region 5: Dr. Kimberly Wintemute, Toronto

    Region 5 Winner Dr. Kimberly WintemuteDr. Wintemute has a comprehensive family practice, including obstetrics, home visits and palliative care. She practised emergency medicine for the first six years of her career. She has been Medical Director of the North York Family Health Team since 2008. She believes strongly in team-based care, where patients have access to a variety of people and where all clinicians practise to full scope. Advocating for the roles of all health-care providers is one of her passions.

    Dr. Wintemute is part of the team at North York General Hospital, where she is proud to work in a culture of openness and positivity, where highly functional team relationships translate into patient safety. She is a lecturer at the University of Toronto and is proud to teach medical students, residents, physician-assistant students and midwives. Dr. Wintemute is grateful for the many mentors she has had in her career and seeks to be a solid role model for others. 

  • Region 6: Dr. Carl Clark, Barrie

    Region 6 Winner Dr. Carl ClarkDr. Carl Clark has been involved with leadership and governance since the early days of primary care reform. He has served on the boards of the Barrie and Community Family Health Team and the Barrie Family Health Organization (FHO). For the past five years, he has been the lead physician of the Barrie FHO, which has 85 practices, 140,000 enrolled patients and an annual budget of $30 million. In 2012–13, Dr. Clark led the team during consultations to incorporate the Barrie Family Medicine Clinics to purchase and operate FHO-run after-hours clinics in Barrie.

    As an assistant professor at the Family Medicine Teaching Unit in Barrie, he supervises residents and medical students on a weekly basis. More recently, Dr. Clark has been taking a greater role in providing palliative care as well as pursuing part-time academic studies in clinical teaching at the University of Toronto.

    Dr. Clark enjoys his cottage, swimming, travel, reading, music and spending time with his wife, Martha, and his family.

  • Region 7: Dr. Adam Steacie, Brockville

    Region 7 Winner Dr. Adam SteacieDr. Adam Steacie has practised family medicine in Brockville for 25 years. His practice includes office, inpatient, long-term, addiction and palliative care. Dr. Steacie’s education includes a Master’s degree in virology and an MD from Queen’s University, and more recently the OMA-CMA Physician Leadership Development Program. His professional passions include palliative care and vascular prevention.

    Dr. Steacie is the former Chief of Staff and President of the Medical Staff at the Brockville General Hospital. As an OMA board member, he participates on several committees, including chairing the Hospital Issues Committee. He chaired the President’s Advisory Panel on End-of-Life Care in 2013–14. At the CMA he has chaired the Committee on Health Care and Promotion.

    Dr. Steacie lives on a farm with his wife, Liz, a professional equestrian. Family, including children and grandchildren, continuously reminds him why health in general and the practice of medicine in particular are important.


Community Teacher of the Year

The Community Teacher of the Year Award celebrates excellence in a community family medicine preceptor. This award is nominated by Ontario’s family medicine residents and medical school students. 

Dr. Michael Ward, Bowmanville

Community Teacher of the Year Dr. Michael WardDr. Michael Ward attended medical school at the University of Toronto and graduated from the Family Medicine Residency Program at The Scarborough Hospital. He has been practising family medicine in various capacities in Bowmanville for over 17 years. 

Dr. Ward feels he is indebted to both the University of Toronto and the Queen’s University Departments of Family Medicine for welcoming him as a teacher and giving him the opportunity to teach, motivate and hopefully inspire a truly amazing new generation of physicians.

Dr. Ward is married to his best friend, Mary Ann, and they have two wonderful daughters, Meghan and Michaela. Together with all the gifted residents and medical students he has met over the years, they form the foundation of his love of family medicine, teaching and life. 

Resident Teacher of the Year

The Resident Teacher of the Year award recognizes outstanding teaching skills and commitment to education among family medicine residents currently enrolled in a family medicine residency program in Ontario. 

Dr. Farhan Asrar, Mississauga

Resident Teacher of the Year Dr. Farhan AsrarDr. Farhan Asrar pursued dual family medicine and public health training at McMaster University and simultaneously completed a Master of Public Health degree at the University of Waterloo.

Dr. Asrar is very actively involved in teaching residents and medical students and organizing local, national and international academic sessions/‌workshops (on leadership, media training, health promotion and disease prevention, disaster medicine, child/‌adolescent health, mental health, etc.). He also developed a leadership and management case module in the Master of Public Health program that was selected to teach over 75 graduate students.

Dr. Asrar’s passion for teaching also extends to space medicine. He was appointed by the International Space University (sponsored by NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency) as Deputy/‌Emerging Chair of the Department of Space Life Sciences. In 2014, he was appointed ISU Chair in Health & Space, teaching participants/‌professionals from over a dozen countries.

Dr. Asrar has also mentored and taught international medical graduates, led several research projects and publications and received several awards. 


Family Practice of the Year

The Family Practice of the Year award celebrates the accomplishments and hard work of the members of a family practice in delivering comprehensive services and continuity of care for their patients.

McMaster Family Health Team, Hamilton

Family Practice of the Year McMaster FHT
The McMaster Family Health Team (MFHT) comprises 32 family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered practical nurses, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians, system navigators, occupational therapists, a lactation consultant, a physician assistant, a psychologist and a chiropodist – all “glued” together and tended by a team of like-minded, skilled and passionate support staff and administrators. 

The MFHT is an academic family health team with over 30,000 patients distributed between two large clinics that graduate 40 new family physicians and contribute to the education of numerous other learners in the health professions annually.

The MFHT is proud to claim four major areas of strength and focus, which shape our work and commitments: we respond to what is unique and particular to our patients and our communities; we are a team of inter-professionals who collectively determine strategy, deliver service, monitor quality and educate; we are guided and fuelled by a passion for education and learning; and we constantly seek new ways to work – we are inventors, beta testers and early adopters.

Family Practice of the Year Honourable Mention: the Jane and Finch Family Health Team, Toronto

Family Practice of the Year Honourable Mention Jane and Finct FHTThe Jane and Finch Family Health Team (JFFHT) consist of seven physicians and over 15 allied health professionals and administrative staff. The group’s mandate is to provide care and support to the underserviced Jane and Finch area of Toronto. Aside from providing preventive, pediatric, palliative, obstetric and geriatric care to approximately 14,000 rostered patients, the JFFHT is involved in multiple outreach programs in surrounding area schools, churches, homes and community centres. The team constantly strives to improve the care provided through education of both patients and staff members through numerous programs. Working in the area presents multiple challenges that the team is able to tackle through a multidisciplinary approach and collaboration with other agencies and groups such as the Community Care Access Centre and the Black Creek Community Health Centre.


2014 Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding contributions in a specific area pertaining to the specialty of family medicine: patient care, community service, hospital or healthcare institutions, College activities (CFPC or OCFP), teaching, research or other elements of the academic discipline of family medicine. 

Dr. Judy Baird, Hamilton, is recognized for her exceptional performance as a teacher and mentor, as well as her leadership and innovation in the medical education community.

Dr. James Carson, Unionville, is recognized for his exceptional contributions to the resident programs at The Scarborough Hospital and Markham Stouffville Hospital, to continuing medical education and to the promotion of sports medicine.

Dr. Anne DuVall, Barrie, is recognized for her committed service on the OCFP Board of Directors from 2007 to 2014 and as OCFP President from 2010 to 2011.

Dr. Sanjeev Goel, Brampton, is recognized for his diligent service on the OCFP Board of Directors from 2008 to 2014.

Dr. Susan Goldstein, Toronto, is recognized for her unwavering commitment to the promotion of family medicine as a professional discipline, to psychotherapy and to undergraduate and graduate education.

Dr. Liesbet Jansen, Alliston, is recognized for her outstanding contribution to improving health-care services in Alliston, as well as her leadership at Stevenson Memorial Hospital.

Dr. D. Robert Kerr, Hamilton, is recognized for his passionate championing of gay, lesbian and transgender community care, medical innovation and outstanding work in both Hamilton’s and Grimsby’s front-line primary care.

The late Dr. Larry Librach, Toronto, is recognized posthumously for his exemplary leadership in championing patient-centred end-of-life care, his dedication to teaching and academic excellence and his steadfast commitment to the delivery of quality primary care.

Dr. Mary Manno, Oakville, is recognized for her dedicated service on the OCFP Board of Directors from 2008 to 2014 and her service on many OCFP committees.

Dr. Frank Martino, Brampton, is recognized for his commitment to continuing medical education and resident education as well as his valuable service on the OCFP Board of Directors from 2008 to 2014 and as OCFP President from 2012 to 2013.

Dr. Don Melady, Toronto, is recognized for his excellence, leadership and innovation in continuing medical education relating to geriatric care, as exemplified by his teaching and development of the Geri-EM.com web platform.

Dr. James Milligan, Kitchener, is recognized for his passion and commitment to providing high-quality primary care to persons with disabilities and for sharing this passion among his physician colleagues.

Dr. Laurel Moore, Stratford, is recognized for her compassion, commitment and kindness to her patients, her work with marginalized women and her excellence in palliative care education.

Dr. Douglas Oliver, Hamilton, is recognized for his unyielding commitment to providing quality primary care, elder care and resident education with humour and compassion.

The late Dr. Gordon Riddle, Orleans, is recognized posthumously for his steadfast commitment and service on the OCFP Board from 1993 to 2003 and during his OCFP Presidency from 2001 to 2002.

Dr. David Tannenbaum, Toronto, is recognized for his outstanding service on the OCFP Board of Directors from 2007 to 2014 and performance as OCFP President from 2011 to 2012.

Dr. Nancy Trimble, Barrie, is recognized for her academic, personal and professional leadership and commitment to improving both global and community health. 

Tribute videos for our two posthumous Award of Excellence winners, Dr. Larry Librach and Dr. Gordon Riddle, are available here

Archive of Award Winners

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