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Choosing a Focal Area

Key principles for making progress:

There are no sets rules for where you should begin or focus your efforts. Experience and research suggest that there are recommended stages and building blocks to developing a Patient’s Medical Home, as illustrated in the graphic below. However, if this approach does not work for you, start instead

  • with your strengths
  • where your interests lie
  • by addressing a pain point—something that is not working well for you
  • with areas identified for improvement in your practice assessment.

Safety Net’s recommended steps and topics for the Patient’s Medical Home are approached in a staged method. “Change concepts” are general ideas used to stimulate specific, actionable steps that lead to improvement. This framework includes eight change concepts in four stages.



To see SafetyNet visual, go to page 5 (of 7) at the following link http://www.safetynetmedicalhome.org/sites/default/files/Change-Concepts-for-Practice-Transformation.pdf

The province of Alberta also uses a similar model to Safety Net for approaching implementation of the Patient’s Medical Home. http://www.topalbertadoctors.org/file/guide-to-implementation-elements-pmh.pdf

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