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Background: What Is a Patient's Medical Home and How Can I Align My Practice?

The Ontario College of Family Physicians’ vision of the Patient’s Medical Home:

Every Ontarian will receive high-quality, coordinated, comprehensive and continuing care from a primary healthcare team led by family physicians and supported by an integrated and sustainable healthcare system.

The Patient’s Medical Home Is Not a New Concept


A Vision for Canada: Family Practice: The Patient’s Medical Home


  • The Patient’s Medical Home is a vision for all practice models to move toward with a set of common principles.
  • It is developed by family physicians for family medicine and primary care.

The Patient’s Medical Home is not:

  • a physical location
  • a funding model
  • only for FHTs

The Patient’s Medical Home supports ongoing efforts in Ontario’s healthcare system to strengthen primary healthcare and ensure Ontarians can receive the right care at the right time and in the right place. The introduction of Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care and the Local Health Integration Network’s (LHIN) sub-region planning present an opportunity to further expand the implementation of the Patient’s Medical Home.

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