Sept. 15, 2016

Pulse on Family Medicine: Primary Care Policy Update

Patients First Update

Ontario Government Throne Speech Commits to Re-Introducing Legislation for Primary Care Transformation

Premier Kathleen Wynne delivered a Speech from the Throne on Monday, September 12 entitled “A Balanced Plan to Build Ontario Up for Everyone”.

For family physicians, the most notable aspects of the Throne Speech are the continued commitments to primary care transformation including:
  • Strengthening Ontario’s public health-care system and delivering on the primary care guarantee – connecting a family doctor or nurse practitioner to everyone who wants one.
  • Re-introducing legislation this fall, including Bill 210, so that debate on them can continue.
Of note, the Ontario Government also signaled its intention to balance next year’s budget. The theme of fiscal management and providing resources where they are needed was firmly reinforced in the section on health which noted “…additional resources for health, care should be directed where they will help patients most, at the front line – not only to the highest-billing physicians or highly paid administrators.”

Since the release of Bill 210, the OCFP has been advocating for changes to two sections of Bill 210 (Section 29 and 28) that entrench LHIN oversight of elements of contract management and reporting in legislation. The OCFP will be monitoring the re-introduction of the Patients First Bill and will be suggesting amendments to the legislation as the Bill goes through the legislative process.

Your College will keep advocating to the MOHLTC that primary care transformation through Patients First should strengthen ways for family physicians to continue to deliver excellent care, support your ongoing leadership in the health system, and foster greater collaboration across practices, for populations, in your communities, and across sectors.

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