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Clinical Tools and Resources for Primary Care

Management of Asymptomatic Ovarian and Other Adnexal Cysts - Radiological Society of North America

The Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound convened a panel of specialists from gynecology, radiology and pathology to arrive at a consensus regarding the management of ovarian and other adnexal cysts. Their decisions are depicted in this resource—a table with 16 X-ray images with cysts defined by varying characteristics located on each. Offered alongside the X-ray images are descriptions of the normal appearance and an explanation for the recommended follow up.

Keywords: back, pain, imaging, injury, women, ovary, imaging

The Clinical Tools and Resources listing links primary care providers with information that may aid in their clinical decision making. In most cases, these resources are created by third parties. The Ontario College of Family Physicians accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of any of the information provided. Users are required to use their own clinical judgement when dealing with the individual patient.

The OCFP has attempted to provide up-to-date materials for clinician use while recognizing that the rapid evolution of materials may result in the information provided becoming outdated. Users are encouraged to consult the original sources for updated versions as they become available and for further information about the individual resource, its terms of use and limitations. Inclusion in the listing does not indicate endorsement by the OCFP.